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  • Pins And Needles Full Mix 02:45 Spine Tingling Tension Underscore To Give You Pins And Needl… 1
  • Cold Capers Full Mix 01:58 Quavering, Nervous Piano Weaves Around Plucked Strings And I… 10
  • Cunning Stunts Full Mix 01:52 Tense, Sharp Electronic Beats And Synths Create A Sense Of A… 19
  • Shifting Alliances Full Mix 01:58 Dissonant Chords And Heavy Beats Combined To Make An Anxious… 29
  • Devious Full Mix 02:09 Scratchy, Twitching Beats Underpin This Unsettling Track 39
  • Sneakers Full Mix 02:00 Twitchy Percussion And Mallets On A Bed Of Deep Bass Tones 48
  • Double Deal Full Mix 02:28 Anxious Piano And Pads With Scratchy Electronic Edges 57
  • Espionage Full Mix 02:16 Densely Layered Percussion And Synth Create An Atmosphere Re… 67
  • Shadowing Full Mix 02:30 Tense Piano Intro And Booming Beats Creates A Sense Of Under… 76
  • Slippery Full Mix 02:04 Hesitant Synths And Deep, Bass Troughs Combine To Create A S… 85
  • Unusual Suspects Full Mix 01:53 Sparse, Ominously Threatening Synths Intro Builds To A Layer… 95
  • Machinations Full Mix 01:58 Insistent Guitar Riffs Wind Around A Dense, Layered Electron… 104
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