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  • Shadow Of A Doubt Full Mix 02:22 Slightly Spooky Light Tension Underscore 1
  • Time To Reflect Full Mix 02:24 Pacing And Waiting Reflection Time Tension 6
  • Sneaking Around Full Mix 02:17 Sneaking And Peaking Light Tension Underscore 11
  • Crisis Point Full Mix 02:16 Pizzicato Strings, Marimba With Electro Sounds Power This Li… 16
  • Role Reversal Full Mix 02:14 Lightly Underscored Tension Track With Marimba Percussion An… 21
  • Truth Games Full Mix 02:07 A Sneaky Little Light Tension Underscore With Electro Sounds… 26
  • Undecided Full Mix 02:02 Sparse Piano Intro That Slowly Builds Intensity 31
  • Breaking The Code Full Mix 02:43 Electro Ticking Light Medium Tension Track 36
  • Double Life Full Mix 02:37 Secrets Will Be Revealed By This Cunning Little Tension Trac… 41
  • Under Suspicion Full Mix 02:04 Light Tension Underscore With Piano And Pizzicato Strings 46
  • Waiting Game Full Mix 01:54 Waiting For The Verdict Tension 51
  • Uncertain Future Full Mix 02:27 Anxious Wait For Result 56
  • Who Goes Last Full Mix 02:18 Sparse Piano Melody Overlaid With Strings Slowly Raising The… 61
  • Wire Walker Full Mix 02:04 Watch Your Step And Don't Slip Up 66
  • Game On Full Mix 02:11 It's Time To Bring Your A Game And Not Let The Tension Get T… 71
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