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  • Surface Tension Full Mix 01:52 Starts With Piano And Percussion And Builds With Strings And… 1
  • Voted Out Full Mix 02:03 Eerie Strings Start Then Western Style Guitar Comes In @ 0:4… 7
  • False Truth Full Mix 02:03 Light Tension Track With Piano Strings And Kalima 13
  • Shadows Full Mix 01:44 Light Tension Track Featuring Electric Piano Strings And Per… 18
  • Last Candidate Full Mix 01:59 Strong Counterpoint Between The Piano And The Percussion Set… 24
  • System Code Full Mix 02:25 Pizzicato Strings Work With Strong Bass And Percussion To Se… 30
  • Suspended Full Mix 02:09 Moving Light Tension Track Begins With Piano Motif That Buil… 35
  • Watching You Full Mix 01:43 Strings Piano And Percussion Propel This Unobtrusive Light M… 40
  • Hidden Motives Full Mix 02:07 Watch Your Back You Wont See This One Coming 44
  • Awkward Situation Full Mix 01:53 When You Thought No One Was Watching You Realise Its About T… 50
  • In The Dark Full Mix 02:09 Secrets Have Nowhere To Hide 57
  • Push Came To Shove Full Mix 02:00 Sad Tension Tearjerker 62
  • Judgement Day Full Mix 01:57 Will Your Best Be Good Enough To Win Over The Judges 68
  • Intense Full Mix 02:12 When The Drama Gets Too Intense Can You Keep Your Cool 74
  • More Drama Full Mix 02:15 Just When You Thought It Couldn‚Äôt Get Worse 80
  • Standoff Full Mix 01:59 Light Tension Track With Piano Strings And Kalima 86
  • Hard Decision Full Mix 02:55 When The Decisions Get Hard The Hard Get Going 92
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