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  • The Ultimatum Full Mix 01:28 Time To Face Up To The Challenge 1
  • Elysium Full Mix 01:28 It Has All Come Down To The Last Two Men Standing Ready For… 11
  • The Elimination Full Mix 01:22 Its Taken A Team Effort To Get To The End Buy Now Its All Do… 16
  • Final Decision Full Mix 01:27 Its Close, Who Will Win, Who Had The Best Strategy, Who Brou… 26
  • The Last Gladiators Full Mix 01:29 Suiting¬†up¬†for¬†battle¬† 36
  • Walk Of Judgement Full Mix 01:40 Now Is The Moment, Now Is The Time, Own Your Moment In The S… 46
  • Dominus Full Mix 01:24 Hero Is A Verb Not A Noun, Time To Rise To The Occasion. 56
  • Invictus Full Mix 01:42 Undefeated Is Not Having Lost But Keeping Going Despite The… 66
  • The Grand Stage Full Mix 01:28 The Countdown Has Begun, Time To Rise To The Challenge. 76
  • Reality Bites Full Mix 01:19 You Cant Win Them All, Pick Yourself Up And Keep On Going 86
  • Quest To Inspire Full Mix 01:22 Don‚Äôt Wait For The Perfect Moment Take The Moment And Make… 96
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