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  • Heat Rising Full Mix 02:01 Percussive Stabs And Pulsing Bass With Moving String Melody 1
  • Fueling The Fire Full Mix 02:06 Insistent Strings Over Strong Steady Beat With Good Cutting… 8
  • Into The Eye Full Mix 02:11 Pulsing Bass With Suspenseful Build 14
  • Heavy Uneasiness Full Mix 02:00 Anxious Piano Motif Underpints This Light Tension Track 22
  • Beat The Countdown Full Mix 01:59 Beaty Light Tension Track 29
  • I Dare You Full Mix 02:04 Bold Daring Forward Moving Looking Fear Straight In The Eye 36
  • Search The Darkness Full Mix 02:11 Light Moving Tension With A Strong Beat 43
  • Higher Stakes Full Mix 02:03 Slowly Building Tension Track Ideal For Reality TV 49
  • Fear Is Near Full Mix 02:13 Slightly Ominous Tension That Sneaks Up On You 54
  • Premonitions Full Mix 02:02 Eerie Spine Tingling Thriller 60
  • Close Call Full Mix 02:05 Ideal For Reality TV Tension Scenes 67
  • Calm Before Chaos Full Mix 02:10 The Pressure Is Starting To Builld 74
  • All Wound Up Full Mix 02:08 Up-tempo Light Reality TV Tension 80
  • Bitter Passions Full Mix 02:05 Passionate Strings Drive This Forcefull Tension Track 87
  • On Edge Full Mix 02:10 Moving Up-tempo Light Reality TV Tension 93
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