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  • Suspension Full Mix 01:50 Determined Rock Guitars Drive The Suspense 113
  • Get Back Up Full Mix 02:52 Slow Emotive Track With Sparse Acoustic And Electric Guitar… 106
  • Beast Full Mix 02:00 Heavy Dark Guitar Drive The Suspense To The Edge 98
  • Undercut Full Mix 02:13 Marching Drums With Guitar And Bells Really Highlight The Te… 89
  • Plan Of Attack Full Mix 01:56 Electric Guitar Tension With A Hint Of Country 80
  • High Wire Full Mix 01:50 Phased Rhythmic Elec Guitar And Drums Provide A Swirling Ten… 72
  • Time Is Running Out Full Mix 02:12 Evolving Determined Heroic Powerful Orchestral Sports Epic W… 65
  • Tight Rope Full Mix 01:35 Marching Into The Battle Of Sport With A Single Minded Resol… 57
  • Hill Climb Full Mix 01:40 Punchy Dramatic Dark Guitar And Drums Push The Tension To Th… 1
  • Analysis Full Mix 01:28 Heroic Epic Orchestral Sports Trailer 9
  • Dirty Tactics Full Mix 02:00 Powerful Rock Drama For Athletes Pushed To The Limits 16
  • The Waiting Game Full Mix 01:38 Slow Building Heroic Orchestral Thriller Designed For Powerf… 24
  • Thrashed Full Mix 01:50 Muscular Rocktronica With Powerful Guitar Riff Over Half Tim… 32
  • Steam Roll'N Full Mix 02:19 Two Fisted Powerful Masculine Blues Rock Drama 40
  • Tough Decisions Full Mix 02:34 Potent Powerful Sports Drama 49
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