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  • Deep In Thought Full Mix 02:08 Swelling Strings And Powerful Beats With Dark Electro Sounds 100
  • Execute The Warrant Full Mix 00:30 Swooping In To Grab The Baddies 94
  • The Risk Factor Full Mix 00:30 Powerful Developing Electro Drama Theme 87
  • That Went Well Full Mix 00:30 Evolving Slow Electro Drama Theme 79
  • Read The Brief Full Mix 00:30 Developing Medium Tempo Electro Drama Theme 72
  • What Went Wrong Full Mix 02:30 Slow Thoughtful Electro Drama Theme 64
  • Extract Our Agent Full Mix 00:30 Cover Is Blown, Time To Get Our Agent Out, Electro Drama 58
  • Time To Move Full Mix 00:30 The Drama Is Mounting As The Clues Fall Into Place 52
  • Where Is This Going Full Mix 00:30 Dark Meaty And Beaty Electro Drama Theme 44
  • Compromised Full Mix 00:30 Tension Is Mounting With This Electro Drama Theme 37
  • Follow The Leader Full Mix 00:30 Dramatic Moving Electro Theme When They Are Hot On The Heel… 29
  • All Necessary Speed Full Mix 00:30 Looking For Clues With Sharp Eye For Detail, Slow Electro Dr… 21
  • Get On The Case Full Mix 00:30 Follow The Evidence Trail With This Underscored Electro Dram… 14
  • Empty The Trash Full Mix 02:23 Electro Drama Theme, Understated With A Hint Of Dubstep 8
  • Search The Premises Full Mix 01:56 Underscored Slow Electro Drama Theme With A Hint Of Dubstep 1
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