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  • Limited Time Full Mix 02:02 Medium Fast Orchestral Track Ideal For Reality TV Challenges 1
  • Final Mission Full Mix 02:17 On A Mission In Pursuit Of The Prize To Win The Challenge 11
  • The Battle Is On Full Mix 02:22 Beating The Clock And Beating Your Opposition To Escape Elim… 22
  • Challenge Island Full Mix 02:22 Determination Cunning And Decisiveness Needed To Win Life's… 36
  • Find The Code Full Mix 02:08 Cracking The Code Quickly Will Lead To Victory 47
  • Walls Of Fire Full Mix 02:30 Dramatic Struggle Needs Heroic Action 59
  • The Big Jump Full Mix 02:18 The Outcome Is Hanging In The Balance Can You Make The Leap… 68
  • Activated Countdown Full Mix 02:29 The Clock Is Ticking And You Need To Gate Activated 77
  • Speeding Up-Faster Full Mix 02:20 An Orchestral Track Where The Tempo Increases As The Pressur… 89
  • Speeding Up-Slower Full Mix 02:27 Increasing In Tempo From Slow To Fast 97
  • Ultimate Challenge Full Mix 02:18 Marching Drums Beat Out A Epic Dark Dramatic Hybrid Challeng… 110
  • Firewall Full Mix 02:15 Momentum Is Building On This Mission And So Is The Pressure… 121
  • Last Chance To Win Full Mix 02:46 With Only Seconds On The Clock The Pressure Is Intense 132
  • Stay Focused Full Mix 01:36 The Adrenalin Coursing Through Your Veins But Can You Stay F… 141
  • Chase Shift Full Mix 02:22 Dramatic Percussive And Orchestral Challenge 153
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