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  • Forensics Full Mix 02:16 Slow Building Electro Drama Will Leave You On A Knife Edge 1
  • Cold Case Full Mix 02:37 Using Technology To Unlock Mysteries 6
  • Ticking Time Bomb Full Mix 02:15 The Clock Is Ticking And The Pressure Is Building 12
  • Intense Standoff Full Mix 02:30 Brooding Electro Tension And Suspense 17
  • Deadly Serious Full Mix 02:10 Suspenseful Electro Drama 21
  • Chase Full Mix 02:44 In Hot Pursuit Of The Evidence To Convict The Suspect 26
  • Caught At The Crime Scene Full Mix 02:29 Evolving Electro Drama For Science Technology And Investigat… 31
  • Search Party Full Mix 02:34 Bubbles Along Under The Surface As Pressure Comes To The Boi… 37
  • Criminal Thoughts Full Mix 02:04 Sparse Electro Mystery And Horror 43
  • Lost Full Mix 02:40 Rhythmic Haunting Mysterious Psychology Thriller Drama 48
  • Surveillance Full Mix 02:37 Slow Building Electro Drama Suspense 53
  • Missing Person Full Mix 02:48 Thinking Of The Worst But Hopeing For The Best 58
  • Trailing A Suspect Full Mix 02:24 Lurking In The Shadows Trying Not To Be Seen 63
  • Cyber Attack Full Mix 02:32 Up-tempo Electro Investigative Drama 69
  • We Should Investigate Full Mix 02:09 Evocative Suspenseful Eletro Drama 75
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