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  • King Of The World Full Mix 02:37 Uplifting Epic Drama Soundscape 1
  • Fight Or Flight Full Mix 02:11 Pulsing Light Medium Tension With A Beat 8
  • Traction Full Mix 02:08 Dynamic Light Tension Track 14
  • Full Circle Full Mix 01:57 Electro Pulses Combined With Dramatic Strings And Powerful B… 20
  • Warm Up Full Mix 02:23 Insistent Piano And Strings Building Tension And Aticipation 26
  • Freeze Frame Full Mix 01:45 Ominiously Building Epic Tension 35
  • Survival Full Mix 02:02 Slow Building Dramatic Tension 40
  • Indecision Full Mix 01:40 Marimba And Strings With A Light Dramedy Feel 45
  • Dark Matter Full Mix 02:05 Dark Uneasy Drama Track 52
  • Winners And Losers Full Mix 02:03 Sad Lonely Tension And Anticipation 58
  • Art Of The Deal Full Mix 01:55 Light Medium Tension Track 64
  • Final Answers Full Mix 01:43 Epic Drama With A Slight Western Feel 68
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