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  • Rise Up To The Challenge Full Mix 02:09 Rise To The Challenge With This Suspenseful Dramatic Track 1
  • Noble Warrior Full Mix 03:11 Percussive Dramatic Tension 5
  • Fueding Rivals Full Mix 02:22 Powerful Drums With Ominous Ethnic Flavours 10
  • The Tribal Empire Full Mix 02:44 Australian Flavoured Dramatic Tension 15
  • Sacred Spark Full Mix 02:18 Venture Into The Outback Heat And Dust 20
  • War Paint Full Mix 01:20 Tribal Chants Give This Track A Muscular Tension 25
  • Unforgiving Wilderness Full Mix 01:58 Out In The Wilderness Can Anyone Hear You Scream 30
  • Ready For Battle Full Mix 01:44 Are You Ready For The Challenges Ahead 35
  • Remote Sun Full Mix 01:59 Tribal Challenge With Dark Undertones And Light Melody 39
  • Lost Jungle Full Mix 02:12 Jungle Rhythms With Light Xylophone Melody Over Ominous Dron… 44
  • Dont Look Back Full Mix 01:59 Native American Beats With A Threatening Undertone 49
  • Prepare Or Die Full Mix 02:30 Powerful Drums With Ominous Strings 54
  • Dusty Sky Full Mix 02:03 Tension With A Powerful Beat 57
  • Misty Plains Full Mix 01:23 Powerful Log Drums Beats Grow In Momentum And Tension 62
  • Face-Off Full Mix 01:05 Fast Rhythms Seem To Swirl Around You Looking For Moment To… 66
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