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  • Collateral Damage Full Mix 02:06 Compelling Up-tempo Tension Featuring Powerful Electric Guit… 1
  • That Was Justified Full Mix 01:52 Vigilante Taking The Law Into His Own Hands To Bring Justice 6
  • Burn That Barrel Full Mix 02:06 Broody Swampy Southern Tension 11
  • The Decoy Full Mix 01:51 Tension Tracks With Deep Roots In Southern Style Country Blu… 16
  • The Fixer Full Mix 01:59 A Track With Momentum As The Hero Moves With Action To Get T… 20
  • Thick As Thieves Full Mix 02:04 Light Tension Track With A Rootsy Southern Feel 25
  • It'S A Deal Full Mix 02:04 Menacing Southern Or Western Tension Track 30
  • Blaze Of Glory Full Mix 02:03 Fast Paced Action Chase In A Country Blues Style 35
  • Long In The Tooth Full Mix 02:02 Dangerous Character Threatening The Town 43
  • Cut The Ties Full Mix 02:23 Restless Suspenseful Drama 48
  • Good Intentions Full Mix 02:19 Up-tempo Action Drama With Brooding Undertone 53
  • Full Commitment Full Mix 02:33 Facing The Fear And Meeting The Danger Head-on 58
  • Peace Of Mind Full Mix 02:05 Feel The Danger Lurking Just Out Of Sight 63
  • The Spoils Full Mix 01:59 Light Tension Track With A Southern Country Blues Feel 68
  • Moonshine Wars Full Mix 02:04 Running The Gauntlet With The Moonshine Shipment 75
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