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  • Investigation X Full Mix 01:32 Fast Action Pursuit Tension 17
  • Game Of Chance Full Mix 01:31 Deliberate Piano And Pulses Set The Scene For A Tense Showdo… 22
  • Under Scrutiny Full Mix 02:04 Obsinato Bass Sets The Tone For This Killer Thriller 27
  • Stalker Full Mix 01:38 Relentless Pulsing Tension Slowly Builds To A Climax 32
  • Vigilante Full Mix 01:23 Powerful Hybrid Hits Propell This Menacing Tension 37
  • Urban Terrorism Full Mix 01:34 Dark Ominious Thriller 41
  • State Of Emergency Full Mix 01:55 Building Anticipation And Suspense 46
  • Dark Shadows Full Mix 01:42 Pulsing Bass Underscores This Powerful Dark Tension Track 1
  • Agent Provocateur Full Mix 01:33 Gripping Drama Track With A Slight Middle Eastern Flavour 6
  • Crime Suspect Full Mix 01:46 Time Is Ticking To Catch The Suspect Before He Strikes Again 11
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