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  • Don'T Flinch Full Mix 01:56 Epic Hybrid Tension With Pounding Drums And Percussion 1
  • Dangerous Habit Full Mix 01:40 Orchestral Tension Powered With Driving Drums 7
  • Dependence Full Mix 02:02 Understated Beginning Slowly Develops To Robust Ending 13
  • All Senses Full Mix 02:04 Subtle But Clever Use Of Strings To Bring Up The Anticipatio… 19
  • Gravitational Pull Full Mix 02:40 This Track Will Imperceptively Pull You Into It Force Field… 26
  • Misty Road Full Mix 02:14 Mysterious Suspenseful Tension 34
  • Orbiter Full Mix 02:16 Futurist Orchestral Piece That Keeping Building And Building 40
  • Hidden Skies Full Mix 02:23 Skillful Mix Of Hybrid And Orchestral Instruments To Produce… 47
  • Dark Spot Full Mix 02:04 Potent But Subtle Light/medium Tension Piece 53
  • End Of Days Full Mix 02:03 Grand Heroic Tension 59
  • Cloaker Full Mix 02:32 Clever Use Of Hybrid And Orchestarl Sounds To Build Imposing… 65
  • Forbidden Fruit Full Mix 02:04 Understated Ligh/medium Tension Still With Plenty Of Impact 71
  • Game Theory Full Mix 02:24 Powerful Understated Epic Tension 77
  • Defiance Full Mix 01:56 Ready To Face Any Challenge The World Can Throw At You 83
  • Altercation Full Mix 02:23 Up-tempo Strings And Percussion Make This Track Right For Fi… 90
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