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  • Cyber Jihad Full Mix 02:11 Haunting Female Arabian Vocalisations Combined With Powerful… 1
  • Shifting Sands Full Mix 02:37 Slow Building Tension With Middle Eastern Instruments Combin… 8
  • Chasing The Enemy Full Mix 02:27 Powerful Tension Build Just Grows And Grows In Intensity 15
  • Searching For An Oasis Full Mix 02:54 Pensive String Melody With Eerie Middle Eastern Instrumentat… 22
  • Enter Babylon Full Mix 02:41 Sombre Middle Eastern Suspense Tension Track 29
  • Achaemenid Army Full Mix 02:14 Brooding Anticipation And Tension 37
  • Desert Skies Full Mix 02:33 Moody Pensive Tension With A Distinct Middle Eastern Flavour 45
  • Bazaar Pursuit Full Mix 02:18 Up-tempo Chase Through A Middle Eastern Bazaar 51
  • Dreams Of Paradise Full Mix 02:40 Dramatic Tension With Strong Build And Beat 58
  • Desert Runners Full Mix 02:20 Fast-moving Action Drama Tension 66
  • Lost City Full Mix 02:13 Mysterious And Ominous Tension With A Middle Eastern Flavour 74
  • After The Storm Full Mix 02:41 The Brooding Tension Of The Aftermath 80
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