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  • Fat Chance Full Mix 01:44 Glitchy Unsettling Electro Tension 1
  • Being Scrutinised Full Mix 02:42 Slow Ticking Tension With A Groove 6
  • The Reckoning Full Mix 02:16 Building Slow Release Forbidding Tension 11
  • Let'S Negotiate Full Mix 02:02 Positive Upbeat Purposeful Tension 17
  • Time To Act Full Mix 02:13 Epic Hybrid Slow Burning Aggression 22
  • Truth Or Dare Full Mix 02:23 Builds With Relentless Staccato Synth And Strings, Driving 4… 27
  • Waiting For Answers Full Mix 01:45 Insistent Arpeggiating Marimba Driven By Hip-hop Beats 32
  • Bad People Full Mix 01:59 Low Eerie Drone With Pulsating Pianos And Chilling Sound Des… 38
  • Time To Decide Full Mix 02:30 Fast Paced Ticking And Pulsing Bass Builds To Epic Climax 44
  • Make A Deal Full Mix 02:40 Medium/Light Tension With Impact 49
  • Pressure Situation Full Mix 02:04 Sparse Synth Pulses Are Joined By Simple Guitar Melody And S… 54
  • Nerve Wracking Full Mix 02:15 A Storm Is Brewing With Time Running Out As The Pressure Bui… 59
  • Making Progress Full Mix 01:55 Layers Of Pulsing Patterns And Percussion Overlaid With A Su… 64
  • The Verdict Full Mix 02:16 Building Suspense As We Wait For The Decision To Be Handed O… 70
  • Hi Tech Threat Full Mix 02:14 Up-tempo Action To Meet Dangerous Cyber Threat 76
  • The Event Full Mix 02:24 Building Pressure Is Ramping Up The Tension 81
  • Trial By Error Full Mix 02:15 Light/Medium Tension Track Ideal For Reality TV 86
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