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  • Road To Victory Full Mix 01:37 Fast Action Are You Up To The Challenge 1
  • Within Reach Full Mix 02:13 Pounding Repetitive Rhythm Slowly Builds As The Drama Reache… 7
  • Head To Head Full Mix 01:44 The Pressure Is Intense In A Race Against The Clock 16
  • Warriors Full Mix 01:44 The Battle Is On Who Has What It Takes To Win 21
  • The Last Survivor Full Mix 01:28 A Battle Of Wills A Battle Of Strength But Most Of All Menta… 30
  • The Final Trial Full Mix 01:28 Time To Lay It All On The Line, Go Hard Or Go Home 36
  • On The March Full Mix 01:44 The Enemy Moving Time To Meet Them Head On 42
  • Final Contestant Full Mix 01:32 Relentless Pressure As The Clock Counts Down, Every Second C… 46
  • Battle Ready Full Mix 01:39 Everything Is Prepared, This Is The Moment You Have Been Wai… 51
  • Last Crusade Full Mix 01:36 Emphatic Strings Set The Tone For This Forceful Track 56
  • The Verdict Full Mix 01:24 Dramatic Tension Builds On The Ticking Clock With Drums And… 60
  • Gameplay Full Mix 01:33 Unrelenting Piano Drives This Forceful Track Forward Ready T… 64
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