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  • Shady Swing Full Mix 02:08 Swaggering Peacocks Struttin' To This Happy Gypsy Swing 101
  • Deja La Singae! Full Mix 01:45 Frisky Chessy Latin Fun 92
  • Funky Bone Full Mix 02:02 Zany Spoof Of 70s Cop Show Funk 85
  • Cafe Orleans Full Mix 01:45 Toe Tappin' New Orleans Flavoured Fun 78
  • Struttin' And Stridin' Full Mix 01:55 Strutting Around Like A Top Cat Whose Just Got All The Cream 72
  • Over The Influence Full Mix 01:42 Waltzing, Stumbling And Twirling In A Merry Old Dance 64
  • Minion'S Revenge Full Mix 02:11 Fast Foot Tappin Gypsy Jazz Swing 58
  • Island In The Sun Full Mix 02:03 Quaint Electic Mix Of Carribean And Italian 51
  • Gypsy Shoes Full Mix 02:25 Swingin Little Gypsy Jazz 44
  • Curly Fries Full Mix 01:53 Humourous Interplay Of Acoustic And Electric Guitars 37
  • Whistlin' In The Wind Full Mix 02:00 Catchy Do-do Vocal Melody Over Feel-good Ukulele And Banjo 29
  • Cross Eyed Cat Full Mix 02:00 Offbeat Piano Melody Over Gentle Harp Arpeggios 22
  • Country Boy Full Mix 02:09 Banjo Pickin' Country Knees-up 15
  • Fingerpickin' Good Full Mix 01:53 Playful Jazzy Number Featuring Xylophone And Acoustic Guitar 8
  • Baby Steps Full Mix 01:46 A Cute Little Waltz With Music Box And Strings 1
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