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  • Cowgirl Edm Full Mix 01:50 Boot Scootin Has Never Been So Much Fun 78
  • Blip Blip Bop Full Mix 01:34 Quirky Technology Techno With Futuristic Pop Beats 74
  • Kiddie Edm Full Mix 01:28 Kindergarten Dance Pop With Light Dance Beat, Pumping Bass,… 70
  • Foolz Gold Full Mix 01:33 Happy EDM Dance For Teens 66
  • Funk Trunk Full Mix 01:52 Quirky Retro Funk To Get The Junk Outta Ya Trunk 62
  • Tropical Baubles Full Mix 02:28 Light Hearted Caribbean Fun Pop 58
  • Rock Edm Full Mix 01:12 Heavy Guitar Driven EDM For All The Air Guitarists 54
  • Speedie Full Mix 01:19 Like The Title Says, Super Fast Fun Rock 50
  • Iggy Jiggy Full Mix 01:22 This One Will Have The Kids Bouncing Off The Wall, Who Serve… 46
  • Climaxtic Full Mix 01:46 So Intense The Fun Is About To Explode 42
  • Luna Circus Full Mix 02:03 Zany EDM Dance Pop With A Dash Of Gypsy Jazz 38
  • Spooks Full Mix 01:26 Crazy Spooky Spoof Halloween Track With Drum N Bass Beat, S… 34
  • Uber Tuba Full Mix 01:32 Super Cute Kids Track With Skippy Dance Beats, Tuba Bass Lin… 30
  • Fizzy Bounce Full Mix 01:51 Irresistible Dancey Pop With Dancey Beats, Shuffling Bass, O… 26
  • Jumpin' Castle Full Mix 01:39 Modern Beat And Nylon Guitar, Crazy Effected Kids Choir, Roc… 21
  • Kick Start Full Mix 01:54 Epic Kids EDM With Punchy Drums With Big Percussion Hits, Ho… 17
  • Uke Can Dance Full Mix 01:37 You Cant Help Feeling Good With This Insistent Dance Groove,… 13
  • Wonky Tonk Full Mix 01:25 Bright And Bubbly Light Dubstep Beat With Wonky Mariachi Ban… 9
  • Mouse Trap Full Mix 01:17 Happy Hip-hopping Trap Fun 5
  • Red Nose Full Mix 01:24 A Swirling Piece Of Ska Punchy Beats With Oompah Band And Fa… 1
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