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  • Prizes & Glee Full Mix 01:39 Corny Slapstick Comedy With Extra Cheese 74
  • Carousel Waltz Full Mix 02:10 Delightful Old World Waltz With A Spring In Its Step 66
  • Lumpy Custard Full Mix 01:45 Fast Slapstick Humour Theme 60
  • Whoooooops Full Mix 01:29 Happy Xylophone Melody Over Boppy Fun Backing 56
  • The Prankster Full Mix 01:30 Upbeat Fun Track With Pizzicato String Melody With Off-beat… 44
  • Tuba Joke Full Mix 02:18 Tuba Bass Line With A Cute Clarinet & Trombone Melody 40
  • The Merry Full Mix 01:22 Jump On The Merry-go-round For Fun Ride 34
  • The Toys Are Alive Full Mix 01:55 Cute Childish Melody With A Happy Bouncy Feel 27
  • The Big Red Car Full Mix 01:36 Dexterous Piano Melody With A Bright Bouncy Feel 20
  • Rootin' And A Tootin' Full Mix 01:41 Quirky Farmyard Fun 14
  • Somethin' Fishy Full Mix 01:28 Sneaky Little Fun Dramedy Track 8
  • Mr Big Nose Full Mix 01:55 Playful Humorous Sax Melody With Guitar And Piano 1
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