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  • Little Star Full Mix 02:00 Fresh Modern Version Of This Famous Nursery Rhyme 105
  • The Fallen Woman Full Mix 02:18 Jaunty Fun Waltz 98
  • Congarian Dance Full Mix 01:52 Lively Comedic Jaunt 90
  • Post Office Carriage Full Mix 01:50 Silly Fun Musical Galop 84
  • Mountain Queen Full Mix 02:08 Imagine Goblins And Trolls Stomping Around In This Norwegian… 75
  • Cumparsita Masks Full Mix 01:48 Dynamic Tango, Lively, Frisky Fun 66
  • Cossack Festival Full Mix 01:40 A Knees Up Rip Roaring Russian Cossack Dance 60
  • Funmadeus Full Mix 02:24 A Fun Latin Version Of Well Know Mozart Symphony 52
  • Carmenita Full Mix 01:56 Joyous Tango That Really Builds To Exuberant Ending 44
  • Mini Paganini Full Mix 02:33 Tippy-toe Around With This Quirky Fun Version Of Liszt's - P… 38
  • Tarantella Full Mix 02:31 A Cute Modern Take On A Tarantella By Liszt 30
  • Animal Fiesta Full Mix 02:15 Saint-Saens Humorous Suite Gets Modern Dose Of Silliness 22
  • Gypsy Love Full Mix 02:12 Be Seduced By The Wiles Of This Fiery Spanish Carmen 16
  • Fairy Hiphop Full Mix 02:02 A Hip-hop Feel Turns The Sugarplum Fairy On Her Head While R… 9
  • Toy Serenade Full Mix 02:06 A Sick Sounding Trumpet Sets The Tone Of This Funny Playful… 1
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