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  • Fist Full Of Spaghetti Full Mix 03:53 Warped Spaghetti Western Theme 25
  • Witches Britches Full Mix 03:32 Rustic Jam On The Back Porch 23
  • Blunder Bus Full Mix 04:40 Bizarre B-grade 1950s Sci-fi Movie Soundtrack 21
  • Grasshopper Full Mix 03:55 Organic Percussive Track With A Slight Asian Feel And Effect… 19
  • Chainsaw Full Mix 02:25 Starts Off Nice Acoustic Track That Morphs Into A Screaming… 17
  • Burrito Full Mix 02:54 Quirky Mexican Fun 15
  • Off His Rocker Full Mix 04:49 Dissonant Violin With Jarring Banjo Builds Into A Strange Ca… 13
  • Around The Twist Full Mix 01:56 Twisted Mediterranean Folk 11
  • Oolong Full Mix 02:27 Latin Flavoured Track With Unusual Interplay Between Acousti… 7
  • Jibber Zabber Full Mix 02:16 Strange Percussive Chaotic Track That Is As Compelling As It… 5
  • Cletus Full Mix 03:06 Hillbilly Duel Between Banjo And Violin 3
  • Flat Feet Full Mix 02:32 Hop On This Nutso Merry-go-round For A Spin Into Insanity, P… 1
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